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School-Wide Rules

  Be safe Be kind Be responsible
all school areas
  • keep hands, feet, objects to yourself
  • no play fighting or chasing
  • follow adult directions
  • use kind words and actions
  • respect rights and properties of others
  • follow school rules
  • be honest
  • arrive on time
  • keep school clean
  • walk
  • stay out of yellow areas
  • use quiet voices
  • must have a pass
  • walk
  • keep place in line
  • no talking in line
  • use quiet voices at tables
  • allow anyone to sit next to you
  • use good manners
  • leave your space clean
  • wait to be dismissed
  • stay in boundaries
  • move safely
  • follow game rules
  • include everyone
  • keep food and trash off playground
  • line up on time
  • sit correctly in your chair
  • move safely
  • use appropriate school language and behavior
  • raise your hand and wait to be called on
  • listen to teacher or speaker
  • follow directions and procedures the first time
  • stay on task
  • do your best everyday
  • walk
  • wash your hands
  • keep water in the sink
  • give people privacy
  • knock on stall door
  • use quiet voices
  • keep bathrooms clean
  • do not waste time
  • flush the toilet

rainy day

noon recess

  • sit down quietly
  • no running in the classroom
  • respect the noon duty supervisors
  • use quiet talking voices
  • return to your classroom promptly
  • share a game, read a book, or draw